September Month 2010

Friday, September 3rd, 2010
"I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way. O when wilt thou come unto me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart." - Psalm 101:2
Often we observe others in public and we have the audacity to make the comment, they don't have any home training. It suggest that because of how things are at our house, and how we act in our house we would not ever do what that person is doing. Perhaps there is a measure of truth to our statement as we compare ourselves to some ungodly act that has never crossed our mind. The question I have for every believer  is not whether your house measure up to some stranger's standards but rather does it measure up to God's standards. Simply, can God come over to your house?

Not on Sunday morning, when you get up and put on your Sunday best, and put on your Gospel music for the first time all week. Not on Sunday morning when you read over your Sunday School lesson after not looking at your book all week long. No, I'm talking about an unannounced visit from the one you were boasting about that you can call Him anytime. Early in the morning or late in the midnight hour, you can call him, but can he call you?

After all, you sang out loud, JESUS, BLESSED SAVIOR, all to him I owe, all to him I freely give. God's people need to understand that our relationship with Him is not temporary or restrictive. There are no boundaries, He desires to wake up with us, walk with us, dine with us, and go to bed with us. He desires to sit in our break rooms at work, (no dirty jokes please) ride in our cars and share our intimate moments with the one (Husband or Wife) we said we cherish until death do us part. 

Just maybe you are ready for company this Labor day weekend and you have cleaned the house, wash the car and cooked something good. While these things are all good, just remember, God is not coming to look at your house, or ride in your car, He only wants to see your heart. Follow the lead of the Psalmist, walk within your house with a perfect heart. You need a heart that follows and have faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord. Can God come over to your House?

Pastor SP Courtney