July Month 2009

  July 31st, 2009, Friday


"And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." -Luke 2:13-14

The physician Luke, records that Jesus was born on an ordinary night. The shepherds were carrying out their normal duties, watching over their flocks. They are perhaps feeding and watering their flocks, discussing what happen in the field with the other shepherds. They are perhaps complaining or praising the weather, which either made their day pleasant or difficult. There was nothing special about the day, their situation or their current dilemma. In the minds of the shepherds today was ordinary and tomorrow will be the same.

However, verse 13 says that an angel was joined by a host of angels, who were rejoicing because of what God had done, because the baby Jesus had been born in Bethlehem. We may not know whether our day will be ordinary or extraordinary but God knows. He has given the angels in heaven the good news about the good things he has in store for us. The peace and good will that he has prepared for us have been placed in the midst of our ordinary days, that when we need it, they will become extraordinary. I believe that God will take some ordinary days in Bethlehem’s future and do something extra-ordinary.

Pastor SP Courtney

From the Pastor’s Desk:

Glory to God in the highest for His wonderful works. We thank God for His love and sovereign power as He has kept Bethlehem for 138TH years as a body of faith, functioning as a positive influence in the City of Bonham and surrounding areas. As your humble Pastor, I am extremely grateful to God for placing at Bethlehem for such a time as this. Our church as stood through wars from the 1800’s to the present fight against terrorism and tyranny.

The leaders and members of yesterday, trusted in God and allowed Him to lead them day by day. We too must trust God and walk by faith and not by sight. As we look to the future, we do so with a commitment to further the vision of our church. We must continue to strive to be a body of believers committed to keeping "Faith and Family First." My family and I would like to thank all of the Deacons, officers, ministry participants and members for your ongoing support since our arrival in August of 2006. Our prayer is that God will bless each of you with a double portion of Grace, Mercy and finances. We love you and pray that as we continue our journey God will continue to take the, "House Of Bread", to new dimensions in Faith, Favor and Fellowship.

Love Stuart P. Courtney & Family