February Month 2009

Friday, February 20th, 2009 
"Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man drawback, my soul shall have no pleasure in him, But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul" (KJV)-HEBREWS 10:38:39

Perhaps there are some who see life as being about ability and capability. What a person has the skill to do they are able to do. However, as a believer I see the kingdom being about faith. It is not about what I am capable of doing but rather what I believe God can do through me.

The Hebrew writer is attempting to share with us the truth about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That it is God’s gift to us that affords us the power of death and the grave. God’s gift to us, gives us power over all trials and tribulations. However the fuel that propels this gift into purpose is our faith. The bible says that God gave his only son, that whosoever believes in him, shall have eternal life. To believe is synonymous with faith. Faith is all about believing in something regardless of where you are what you are going through, you have faith that all things work for our good.

For many people that attend church it is a question of faith. Yes, I attend church, but I am not sure how I can make my marriage work. Yes, I attend church, but I don’t know how to get along with other church members. Yes, I attend church but I don’t know if tithing is right. Yes, I attend church but I am not sure I believe that all sin is sin. Yes, I attend church, but I am not sure that heaven will be my home.

God almighty, knows the problem in your marriage, God knows, the relationships you are in within your church membership, he knows your struggle with tithing. It is a question of faith. If you believe that He is Alpha and Omega, if you believe that He has all power in heaven and in earth, then your faith should affirm and eliminate your fears. Trust that God’s plan works; if you tithe He will pour you out blessing you will not have room to receive. He hates sin, but he loves the sinner, and if you believe in His son, in his death, burial and resurrection, thou shall be saved.

It is not about your intellect, your skill set, your appearance nor your family name, it is a question of faith. What do you believe?

"It is a Question of Faith?"
In His Name,
Pastor SP Courtney

Thursday, February 14th, 2009

The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: thou maintainest my lot. (KJV). Lord you are alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. You guard all that is mine. (NLT)" -PSALM 16:5
As we celebrate the history of African Americans, we must understand and also celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our history is not only about the color of our skin, or even the atrocities of slavery and racism but rather the testimony of how awesome our God is!
There are many things that we inherit from our ancestors, from generations before us. During these economic times we need to learn to do more with less. We need to adapt ourselves to a mentality where we maximize our resources and minimize our waste. African slaves who became share croppers had to master this concept as they lived and even thrived with resources that began beneath the poverty line. However, it was the faith of former slaves and immigrants that kept them alive when they were beaten, or when they ran for days to escape slavery. Since slavery we have fought in wars, fought for civil rights, stood against oppression, educational and economic equality, and through it all, God has kept us.

As we all celebrate the Historical significance of having the 1st African American in the white house, President Barack H. Obama , I look back at our inheritance. What is it that we inherited that brought us to this point and time? The psalmist spoke about the Lord being Israel’s inheritance. We must understand that it was not intellect, human strength or merely human perseverance that brings us to this place in history. I submit to you that it is the inheritance of our Lord, who has promised to be with us always, even until the end of time, which has propelled us from our past into our season of purpose.

You have an inheritance that gives you everything you need. It gives you provision of eternal life, protection as he will cover you in the storm, and purpose because you created for His Glory.

Celebrate your inheritance in Christ!!

In His Name,
Pastor SP Courtney

Friday, February 6, 2009


"Love never gives up, never loses faith. Is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance."- 1st Corinthians 13:7 (NLT)
There are those who have been in broken relationships, who have been let down and in some cases let go. There are those who really want to give up on love, however I submit to them Paul’s argument about love.
The church at Corinth, was struggling with relationships, with fellowship among the believers. So Paul provides a description of the power and purpose of love. The divine essence and character of the creator, is the key ingredient in the love life of the creation.
God himself express love toward us, as it is written in the 3rd chapter of the Gospel of John. His love for us resulted in him giving His only begotten Son, that we might have life eternal. This ultimate sacrifice is the evidence of verse seven of chapter thirteen in fist Corinthians. Christ never gave up, he never loss faith and though he knew they beat him, spit on him and then crucify him, he endured it all. This is definitely an example of a love that last.
What do you believe? Do you believe in the power of God’s love? I encourage you to learn to love and be loved like God loved us. Paul told the church at Philippi, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” No matter how difficult, no matter how frustrated, we must stay focused and let the love of God, manifest fully in our lives. Don’t give up on your relationships, don’t give up on your marriage, don’t give up on your children, love them because God loved you. No matter what is done to you or to someone you love, do not lose your will to love and be in God’s will. If you can learn to love like Christ, you will experience and exhibit a Love that Last!
I love you all!
Pastor SP Courtney